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You might have been waiting for it: that special car collection ... For the

sake of clarity: The Sultan's passion for the most extravagant and most

expensive vehicles in the world knows no bounds. He possesses an

estimated 7,000 luxury cars, between them accounting for a market

value of around 500 billion euros. Naturally, a lot of space is needed

to show them all off. In a garage as large as five aircraft hangars, the

classic cars are neatly arranged next to each other like soldiers and

arranged according to brand and colour. The Sultan's dream collection

is both legendary and mysterious because the man does not toler-

ate – to the regret of many – prying eyes in his garages. No doubt

many car enthusiasts would be willing to pay well to spend a few

hours roaming between the many Bentley's, Bugatti's, Koenigseggs,

Ferrari's, Porsches and Rolls-Royces that the Sultan owns. Especially

the numerous one-offs, concept cars and speed demons designed

especially for his Royal Highness will make many mouths water. What

about the Ferrari Mythos, the Lamborghini Diabolo SE 30, the Porsche

Carma, the Dauer 962 LM, the Pininfarini Jaguar XJ220, the Aston

Martin V8 Vantage Special and the McLaren F1 LM, just to name a

few? His hunger for exclusive cars goes so far that he asked Porsche

and Rolls-Royce to join forces and design a car especially for him. That

Porsche-Rolls has effectively arrived. Another nice fact: a Rolls-Royce

with its engine running waits in front of the palace day and night. After

all, they don’t have to worry about the price of petrol in this country.