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What is the profile of your customers?

They are mainly business people. They usually work in the oil industry.

Shell bosses in other words. There are also a number of restaurant

owners among the customers. These are mostly Brunei citizens of

Chinese origin.

How high is the import tax?

It depends on the engine capacity. At 2000 cc you pay 20% import

tax. An additional 25% will be added above 3000 cc. And for a diesel

version you also pay an extra 5%.

The obvious question: does the Sultan also drive a Porsche?

Oh, the Sultan has many Porsches. He probably has the most impres-

sive collection of cars in the world with more than 7,000 cars. I do not

know how many Porsches are included in that, but there will be quite

a lot. His cars are set up in large warehouses. Each brand of car has a

separate wing.

Does he buy his Porsches from you?

Some he does, but because he prefers very exclusive models he often

buys them from London or directly in Germany. I know that Prince Jefri

has just recently bought a white GT3 RS.

Had Prince Jefri not nearly become persona non-grata at the court

following a number of scandals?

It is true that there have been some rumblings within the Royal Family,

but in the meantime the Sultan has reconciled himself with his younger

brother and since 2006 Prince Jefri has been living in Brunei again.

How do the people view the Sultan?

Sultan Hassanal Bolkia is very popular. Almost everyone respects him.

The Sultan allows everyone to benefit from the wealth of the country

and that is appreciated. There is free education, healthcare, a good

infrastructure, etc. Moreover, he is a lovable man. He shows himself

regularly in public and likes to have a chat. Every year at the end of

Ramadan, anyone who wants to visit him can do so. The palace is open

to the public for three days at that time. The Sultan receives every

visitor personally. He shakes the hand of 40,000 subjects per day on


Have you ever met the Sultan yourself?

I have seen the Sultan once. Of course, he never comes here for service

appointments. He owns a whole army of technicians and mechanics

who know perfectly well how to take care of the many expensive and

exclusive cars. But I do know that he likes to drive himself and that he

does it regularly.



Is there a speed limit in Brunei?

Yes, speed is strictly regulated. In

dry weather you can drive at a maxi-

mum of 100 kilometres per hour,

when it rains only at 80 kilometres

per hour. But to be honest: eve-

ryone drives faster. However, there

is a strict points system for fines.

Recently, speed cameras have even

been installed.

It is a question that has been burn-

ing on our lips for a while: how

much does a litre of petrol cost?

At least twice as much as a litre of

water. (laughs heartily)

Petrol Premium 97 costs 33 euro-

cents per litre, petrol Premium 92

is 32 eurocents per litre and diesel

is 20 eurocents per litre.

That is something we can only

dream of. A final question: why

should visitors come to Brunei?

Come to Brunei for the whole pic-

ture: the nature, the culture and the

friendly people. Brunei is undoub-

tedly one of the greenest, most

pristine areas in the world. Visit the

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

and sleep in the magnificent Empire

Hotel where you can swim, play

golf, play bowls and enjoy the fabu-

lous sunset! Make sure you visit

the Brunei Museum and Kampong

Ayer, the largest water village in

the world. And a visit to the Shell

installations cannot be left out eit-

her. Then you will immediately see

where the wealth of Brunei comes


Clement, many thanks for all the