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Muhammad Mohsin

(Porsche Centre Lahore)

, Qasim Khan

(Adventure Travel Pakistan)

, Kathleen Van Bremdt, Mujib Rahim Khan, Sven Hoyaux.

What do you think of the latest developments within Porsche?

I am worried about what the future will bring. I have seen the new

Mission E Concept and know that the plans to bring an electric

version of the 911 to market are becoming more and more con-

crete. That just makes me sad because then you spoil the DNA of

the car. Can you imagine that? A silent Porsche? I never turn on the

radio in my 911. Never. For me, the typical 911 sound is music in

its purest form.

Mujib, you are simply the personification of the love for Porsche

and the very best ambassador the brand can wish for. Is there

anything you would like to say in conclusion?

Well, I once saw a video about a woman - I believe she was a doc-

tor - who bought a 911 in 1964 and has already covered 500,000

kilometres in the meantime. That woman has seen almost the

entire world from her Porsche. That is fantastic. I do not know if my

Porsche will last that long, but I think the idea is beautiful.

Mujib, we hope you will be able to fulfil your dream!