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Why Porsche?

Well, Porsche has always fascinated me and the 911 is the car that I have

always dreamed of. I remember my father taking me to Düsseldorf when

I was 9 years old. That must have been in 1975, the moment the 930

came out. I saw the car and fell in love immediately. Until recently, having

a Porsche in Pakistan was unattainable. My son and I watched a lot of You-

Tube clips about the 911, but we did not get any closer than that to our

dream car. The moment that Porsche opened a branch in Islamabad was a

milestone for me. I did not hesitate for a second and immediately bought

a 911 Carrera 4S. That car makes me very happy. When I drive it, all my

senses come to life. A Porsche is coming home. A car must feel like your

most comfortable pair of shoes.

Are the roads in Pakistan good enough for a sports car such as Porsche?

Everyone warned me that a low car was not suitable for Pakistan, but I

didn’t take any notice of that. I live in Islamabad, and as you have seen

yourself, the roads in the city are more than decent, right? There is also a

fantastic motorway to Lahore and one connecting Islamabad with northern

Pakistan. The only danger is that animals regularly cross the road. I there-

fore always choose to leave very early in the morning. At that time, I have

the road to myself. Even the small roads in the mountains are no problem.

There are often potholes in the road, but my Porsche has narrower tires, so

it can cope with those. In addition, I chose the 4S version so that I have

four-wheel drive and even in the winter am assured of a firm grip on the

road. I like to go to the limit with the car. Although you do not have to drive

quickly to feel the perfect road handling of the car.

And the petrol?

That is the biggest problem for Porsche drivers in Pakistan. The quality of

the petrol is variable and often leaves much to be desired. A sports car such

as a Porsche requires an octane number of at least 97. This is difficult to

obtain in Pakistan. Many petrol stations mix petrol and impure fuel is fatal

to the delicate engine of a sports car. It doesn’t matter to the many small

family cars you see here in Pakistan. Those can be filled with 'junk gaso-

line' and they still keep going. But a Porsche is a lot more sensitive in that

respect. The higher the octane number, the better the running condition

of the engine and the longer the lifespan. The combustion is better which

means that the engine is also more powerful. I also use octane additives.

Hopefully good regulation will be introduced at some point so that only

pure gasoline can be sold.

How much is the import tax?

The import taxes for luxury cars in Pakistan are ridiculously high. The luxury

tax is 280%. That really is too crazy for words. Two days ago, I was in Dubai

and saw my absolute favourite car: the GT 3 RS, the top model in the 911

line. I asked what the price was and unbelievably, I could have bought that

car on the spot for the price I had to pay for my 911 here in Pakistan. But

regardless of the price, I love my Porsche.