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Is that something you dream about?

Of course. Isn’t that the dream of every Porsche

fan? I can also tell you a special anecdote. When I

first entered the Porsche showroom to get infor-

mation about the Macan, the salesman asked

me when I wanted to take a test drive. I replied:

a test drive? Why would I want a test drive? It is

a Porsche, the best car that exists, surely I don’t

need a test drive? I am perhaps the only buyer

in Pakistan who bought a Porsche without first

having driven it, but that is how it happened. My

confidence in the car is absolute.

But how can you be so sure that Porsche is a good

car if you have never driven one?

That is perception. My confidence in Porsche is

absolute. Now, I have always been a fan of cars

and racing and am pretty well aware of the ins

and outs of the car world. It is not as if I am a total


You talk about perception. Is that not primarily a

perception driven by marketing?

Of course. I work for Coca-Cola, the brand with

the best marketing worldwide, so you do not have

to tell me anything more about consumer influ-

ence and product profiling (laughs). But that does

not take away from my steadfast belief in Porsche.

Of course, you can have endless discussions about

which car is the best, but for me that is undeniably

a Porsche. You know, it's also more than just a nice

car, it's the complete picture that's right. Every

time I enter the Porsche showroom in Lahore, I am

treated as if I were buying a new car. The service

is as good as the car itself. The whole concept

plays a role. With Porsche, it's all about making

the customer feel good.

Did you have to wait a long time for the Porsche

you now have?

Not at all. The Porsche I wanted was just waiting

for me in the showroom. (laughs). I was just lucky

that a Macan had been delivered in the version

I had in mind: black metallic with beige interior.

Anyone who orders a car that has to be produced

in Germany first must be patient. Six months

waiting time is the average. But that is not for me.

If I decide to buy something, I want it right away.

There is a fine red line on the grill in front. Is that a

reference to Coca-Cola?

That is a good comment, it could possibly have been.

But the red strip has nothing to do with my work. I

call it the x-factor of my car, that little extra that I

added to it and that makes it even more special. I

already mentioned it earlier: I have a weakness for

details. I also did a test with yellow, but that did not

produce the same result. The car simply needs red.

Now that we’re talking about Coca-Cola...

... you want to know what I'm doing there. I manage

the PR and communications department. I have

been working there for 10 years and still go in with

as much enthusiasm as on the first day. The brand is

still a booming business and that means it remains


When we arrive back at our hotel room in the

evening, two gift packages are delivered. In one we

find a traditional Pakistani salwar kameez (trousers

and shirt), in the other a wide dupatta (ladies scarf),

both clearly of the finest quality. On the atta-

ched card we read who the generous donor is: our

Coca-Cola man. It typifies the man 100%. A true