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Why Porsche?

I think every Porsche driver has a unique story to tell. If someone

had told me ten years ago that I would ever drive a Porsche, I

would have laughed in his face. But times are changing, and

opportunities are opening up and look, here it is outside the door:

a brand new Macan in my favourite colour black. I cherish the car

as if it were a baby. Washing, buffing until it gleams like a mirror,

waxing ... I do it all myself. have been driving the car for almost

six months now and inside it still smells as if it has just rolled off

the production line. That special, exciting scent that only has a

new car, I love it. I have personalised the license plate. I thought

911 was a nice gimmick. That this fantastic car now stands in my

garage at night gives me a feeling that I cannot even describe. I

think it is a sensation that all Porsche drivers in the world share

with each other.

Do you drive the Macan every day?

Yes. I bought it to drive it, not to keep it as a show model. Of

course, I cannot get the maximum out of my Porsche in the hectic

surroundings of the city, but that is not really the main issue for

me. I intensely enjoy the beauty of the car, its perfect lines and

the fantastic driving comfort. Every detail is important to me.

However, the road from Lahore to Islamabad is excellent. That is

a perfect, modern motorway that has been built to last for at least

50 years. There, I can allow the car to growl now and then.

Is there a speed limit on that road?

Yes. Unfortunately, things here are not like they are in Germany.

120 km/h is the limit. Ridiculously low for a Porsche, of course. In

themselves, the fines are not that high (about $ 10 if you convert

it), but there are so many cameras and police checkpoints along

the way that - if you do not stick to the imposed speed limit - you

can easily accumulate 10 to 20 fines during one trip alone. And

that way, the amount quickly increases.

The traffic in Lahore is frightfully chaotic. Do you even dare to

take to the streets with your expensive Porsche?

The traffic situation in Lahore is a cauldron, that's right. But I

grew up with it and have never known anything else. Of course, I

am a bit more tense behind the wheel of my Porsche than I would

be in another car, that speaks for itself. But you just have to look

out really well while on the road and never hesitate. Hesitating

is fatal. In itself, Lahore is no different from other busy cities in

the world. It is not because there is heavy traffic that there are

no exclusive cars driving around. What I do take into account is

the ability to park. I have to be sure that I can leave my Porsche

somewhere safe, if not I leave it at home.

Maybe other drivers get out of your

way more quickly because it is so


If only! In fact, the opposite is true.

Because a Porsche is still very exclu-

sive in Pakistan, other road users get

annoyingly close in order to view my

car as well as they can. I do worry

about that, because in that case I

know very well that the driver next

to doesn’t have his attention on the

road, but rather on my Porsche, and

that is just the type of risk I really

don’t want or need.

Do you sometimes notice that peo-

ple are envious?

Not really. In recent years, the coun-

try has seen great economic prog-

ress that creates opportunities in

numerous areas. Pakistan is a coun-

try with enormous potential. 67% of

the population is below thirty years

of age. Many have studied, have a

good job and are increasingly able

to spend money. I belong to that

generation. As I said earlier, a few

years ago I could not have imagined

that I would ever be able to afford a

Porsche. Now I sometimes even look

forward to the next one. Maybe that

will be a Cayenne or who knows, a

911. (laughs)