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and instantaneously to the instinctive behaviour of the animal.

With a car it is actually more or less the same. I took a test drive

in a Porsche once with a qualified racing driver at the wheel. He

took a turn at 150 kilometres per hour without doing anything. I

asked him: how do you do that? He said: the car takes the turn,

I only respond to its driving behaviour. It is exactly like that with

a horse. It's all about trust, trust in the competence of a thor-

oughbred horse or a superb car.

Porsches originate from a German stable - we all know that -

but where do your horses come from?

I mainly buy horses in Argentina. It is here that the very best polo

ponies are bred. They are sports cars from the moment they are

born, to express it in terms of the car world. Argentine horses

have the perfect physique, musculature, agility and attitude,

nothing needs to be changed. Playing polo has been in their DNA

for generations. In the last two years I have also bought some

horses in England, also beautiful animals, but they do not have

it in them yet and still have to be trained.

How many horses do you currently have?

27 in total. If you want to play polo at a higher level, you have to

have your own horses, and you must have several. For one game

you already need at least four horses. Each match is divided

Jamil Barry with his favourite horse Romeo

into so-called chukkas - game periods of 7

minutes and 30 seconds - and after each

chukka the rider changes horse. A horse

can perform at top level for up to 7 min-

utes. Then it needs to recover.

Isn’t that very quick?

Do you think? I would compare with motor-

sport again. Why are the tires in Formula

1 races changed so often? For the sake

of maintaining speed and grip, right? Only

you cannot replace parts on a horse. You

must rest a horse. During a race, a polo

pony comes to a halt from a stretched-

out gallop in record time, turns around his

axis and immediately runs in the opposite

direction again at full speed. That requires

a lot of strength and effort. Polo when

played at high level is really top sport.

Jamil, it’s time to go and take a look at your

27 thoroughbreds, or rather 28, counting

the Cayenne ...