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Which style of furnishing is the most popular in Pakistan?

The Victorian style with lots of ornamentation, dark wood with

engraved decorations and richly decorated fabrics, remains very much

in demand. It is the style in which the British decorated their homes

during the time of the colonisation of the Indies. For many Pakistanis,

that style is still a symbol of luxury, wealth and prosperity. That may

explain its success. Really rich Pakistanis like to go all the way, with

lots of glitter and glamour. I myself love a totally different style. I am

more of a collector of furniture. My interior grows along with my life.

All furniture you see here has a story. I also collaborate with several

Belgian suppliers. In Belgium, soft tones such as beige, sandy colours

and taupe are particularly popular. That sophisticated style also

appeals to me.

Who are your clients?

My customers frequently coincide with those people Porsche markets

to. Those who can afford a Porsche can usually also spend money on

a more expensive interior and vice versa. I am in a high-end market

segment and aim for a clientele that can afford to spend money. The

majority of my customers live in Pakistan. We have showrooms in

Lahore and Islamabad and will soon start with a branch in Karachi.

Punjab is the most prosperous province of Pakistan, so it is normal for

most commercial activities to take place here.

Alongside Porsche, you also have another passion...

Yes, that is true: polo. I am an ardent polo player. That usually surprises

people. They think that polo is a tough, rough sport and cannot imagine

how I fit into that world, because I am quite quiet and calm by nature.

But they are mistaken. Polo has nothing to do with aggression. On the

contrary, it is all about control. I have only been playing since 2011.

My brother had been playing for some time and asked me at a certain

time to come and watch a game. I went to it, saw what the players

were doing and thought: I can do that too. I started training and after

six months I started competing. Then I said to my brother: now I will

aim for the national championship. He laughed at that, because the

national championship is something that normally is not accessible to

mere mortals, but I persevered. In 2012, I played my first game and in

March 2017 my team and I won the national championship. A success-

ful five-year plan. (laughs)

Congratulations. You must have the right genes.

Yes, apparently. But, of course, it is not just down to talent. I have

also trained hard and long. And in polo, it is not only the skills of the

player which are important, but also those of the horses. In fact, the

horse plays 70% of the game. A good polo pony can be compared to a

Porsche 918 Spyder: powerful, fast, temperamental and with incredi-

ble responsiveness. As far as the latter is concerned, every car - even a

Porsche - will lose out to a polo pony. These horses concentrate exclu-

sively on the ball and often anticipate the opponent's movement in a

flash of a second. As a rider, it is important that you respond perfectly