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The most beautiful flight in the world

In Campbell River - a small town on the east coast of Vancouver Island - the largest salmon in Canada are harvested

every year. 'Whoppers weighing 30 kg are no exception', one resident tells us. But we are not here to fish. For us,

Campbell River is the starting point to what is perhaps the highlight of our trip. With a seaplane – there is no other

way to get there - we fly to the

Knight Inlet Lodge

, a floating resort deep inside the longest fjord in Western Canada,

far away from the civilization. The view from the plane is breath-taking. A succession of endless forests, islands of all

sizes, shimmering lakes and deep fjords with countless branches spreading out like a large, veined leaf. From the air,

the pillar-straight trees on the mountainsides look like a long pile carpet in countless shades of green. Behind every

ridge, a new one pops up, and another one, and another one ... as far as we can see a watercolour of hills stretches

out in front of us with in the distance always that massive mountain range with its snowy peaks. Fine twirls of clouds

float quietly by in a straight line. Fluffy cotton balls in the air.

t r a v e l i n g