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gateways to the

Pacific Rim National Park

, a beautiful chunk of

wild nature with a temperate rainforest, deeply carved coastal rocks

and deserted beaches. At the hotel desk, we ask what is the most

beautiful walking route. "The Wild Pacific Trail!", they reply in unison.

So, we put on our walking shoes and follow the recommended path.

And it really is beautiful! This is a zero-stress environment. The salty

air and the fresh smell of the trees open our airways. The route runs

parallel with the completely unique coastline. Behind every corner,

a totally different view of the ocean awaits us. We see erratic rock

formations pounded on by the mighty waves, idyllic sandy beaches

where washed-up wreckage bears witness to the unmerciful storms

that rage here mainly in the winter, and tide pools in which shrimps,

crabs and sea anemones have found a temporary habitat. After nine

kilometres our trip is finished. Tired but satisfied, we settle ourselves

on the large terrace of

the Black Ocean Front Resort

with an aperi-

tif. We are waiting for the sunset that always provides an unparalleled

spectacle on the west coast. Slowly the golden ball sinks downwards.

Once more it lets its rays sparkle on the surface of the water in all

their glory and then, in purple-pink and mandarin-orange shades, it

disappears into the blue of the night.


'A place

where wind, rain,

forest and see

meet the sunshine.'