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i n t e r v i e w

That brings us to the real reason we are sitting here

with you. Why Porsche?

Like every child, I saw pictures of Porsche cars on calen-

dars and posters and I was blown away by them. I bought

my first Porsche in 1998, a beautiful, blue 1980 911 C4

Cabriolet, everything completely original. Now I have this

fantastic Porsche 356 which I am delighted with. To me,

Porsche is synonymous with purity. A Porsche is a car in

its purest form. I cannot imagine any other old-timer - and

I've driven a lot of them - that comes anywhere near the

pedigree, the quality and the great sound of the Porsche.

Porsche was also very much ahead of its time. The 356 is

made of a single unit, it is like a shell, there are no welds or

weak points anywhere. It has a door in it and nothing else.

People look at the car and find it beautiful but do not know

why. But it is precisely because of that. It is that perfect,

round line that does it.

How did you come by the car?

I am its third owner. The two people who owned the car for

me - one was an engineer and the other a radio specialist

- both had the car for more than twenty years and had

cared for it down to the last detail. The original, handwritten

insurance papers of the car have even survived. The last

owner had a lot of trouble giving up his favourite car. But

he had bought a Lamborghini – which, in fact, he regretted

immediately afterwards - and that's why the Porsche 356

was actually for sale. Eventually, I managed to persuade

him to sell me the car by signing a contract with him, in

which I promised him that if I sell the Porsche within five

years, I will sell it back to him again for the same price that

I bought it for. But I will never sell it. No way.

You’ve also got another Porsche?

Yes, a 2011 black Cayenne Turbo. But that's an SUV, a car

you deal with in a completely different way. That is not a

car to cruise in, that's a car to drive on gravel, to unleash

the beast within.

You are a businessman yourself. What do you think

of Porsche as a brand?

Oh, that's a good question. I respect the way the engineers

and designers always manage to retain the Porsche's DNA,

the original look and feel. They are very careful about not

over-engineering anything. Modern cars often have so

much technology under the bonnet that the driver is more

of a passenger than a driver. Porsche tries to find a balance

in this. Even if I step into a brand new 911, I still want to

feel that I am driving it and not that all the modern gadgets

have taken over from me. It's all about the feedback you

get from the car.

What do you mean with the feedback from the car?

The soul, the feeling that a car evokes in you, how it

behaves. When I round a bend with my car, I want to feel

how the weight shifts, where the traction limit is, how long

I have grip for, how the suspension sags, etc. I want to

become one with my car. You feel so much through the

wheel of a car. But if there is too much technology in the

car and too much has been automatically limited, then that

feeling disappears and you lose the feeling of what is really

going on underneath you. For me, therefore, it is absolutely

a matter of 'less is more'. A car has four contact points. If

you don’t know what happens underneath those four tyres,

you can’t imagine how you will go around the corner and

where you will end up. That is the basis of driving. I am

a racing driver, so for me, those elements are extremely


One question that we always ask: what makes

Vancouver a great destination?

Vancouver is a young, vibrant city with an international

culture. The city is well cared for and it is safe. Life here is

pretty expensive, but you do get value for money. However,

the biggest attraction of the city is the environment and the

access you have to countless outdoor activities. You can

ski, sail, mountain bike, skate, you name it. For athletes,

Vancouver is the absolute Mecca. I often take to the water

with my boat. There are more than fifty islands here, just

off the coast. Some with bright white sand, others with

pebbles, some others with wild cliffs ... unimaginable.

Anchoring there with some friends on a Sunday afternoon,

some good food, shooting the breeze, delicious!

David, we could talk to you for hours. Our sincere

thanks for being so open with us!