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To finish our visit to Lalibela, Destaw takes us to the Yemrehana Krestos

Church. The church is a true gem. It's moderate in size and stands under

a large overhanging rock, away from the eye. This style of this church is

completely different from the other rock-hewn churches. Rows of dark brown

wooden beams alternate with rows of white plastered stone. From a distance,

the outside looks somewhat like a disproportionate tiramisu. Square windows,

decorated with cross-like shapes, give the building a unique look. We can walk

around the whole church, even though the backside – where the daylight can't

reach – is pitch black. With the flash lights on our phones, we shine a light

on the basalt walls. Walking around, we suddenly encounter the remains of

hundreds of monks and pilgrims who got stuck in their prayers just a tad too

long. This display is a little too sinister for our taste, and we decide to make

our way back out.

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