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Interview with a stylish Porschista

There are of course many female Porsche drivers, but in our search for a

local Porsche driver we kept only finding men somehow. We were only able

to find one female Porschist, in Ulanbaatar of all places. We are therefore

very pleased to meet a Porschista for the second time. Her name is Asteway

Dinkneh, but her friends and family call her Tati. We from Porschist were

allowed to call her Tati right away too.

We will immediately start off with the big question: why Porsche?

I was already fascinated by Porsche as a child. The first Porsche is saw in real life was

while waiting for a traffic light in Johannesburg. I even remember the year: 2004. It was

a Cayenne and I was surprised it was an SUV, because back then, I didn't know that

Porsche featured this model. I was so impressed, I knew right then that this would be

my car someday. In 2010, it was finally time and I bought my Cayenne, a second-ge-

neration model.

What is it that you like so much about the Cayenne?

I love the dynamic build of the car, the design, the reliability, and it feels pleasant to

drive. My absolute favourite will always be the Porsche 911, but the roads in Ethiopia

leave no other option than the Cayenne, in my opinion. For a moment, I was torn bet-

ween the Cayenne S and the Cayenne Turbo, but the import tax in Ethiopia is so high

(200%), that I went with the first.

Where did you buy your Porsche? In South Africa?

No, in Dubai. There is no Porsche dealership in Ethiopia. There is one in Kenya, but

Dubai is closer to Ethiopia.