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Practical information

Tahiti, Bora Bora and Tetiaroa belong to French Polynesia, more specific to the Society Islands archipelago


Tahiti: 1.045 km², Bora-Bora: 29,3 km², Tetiaroa: 33 km² (incl. lagoon)


South Pacific Ocean

Official languages:

Tahitian and French


Overseas collectivity from France

Time zone:

Tahiti Time (TAHT) is 11 hours behind Central European Time (CET), 12 hours during summer time (CEST)


French Polynesia has a mild tropical climate. The average annual temperature in Papeete is 27°C


CFP franc

Travel documents:

Members of the European Area only need a valid identity card or passport. No visa required.

Many thanks to:

Vera van Steenvoort, Advalorem, Travel designer

Richard Bailey, Chairman/CEO Pacific Beachcomber & proud Porsche owner

Pierre Lesage, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Brando

Stephane Massarini, General Manager at the Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

Esther & Matthieu, our local helicopter pilots

Jacques Solari, CEO Porsche Centre Tahiti

Toapere Amiot, the beautiful receptionist at Porsche Centre Tahiti

Françoise Dubois Siegmund, Attachée de Presse AIR TAHITI NUI

A dream that became reality

The Brando has fulfilled its mission. The resort proves that

the absolute height of luxury can go hand in hand with

sustainability. The Brando brings the past and the future

together in a place where time seemingly ceases to exist

and everything dissolves into an eternal spirit. Those who

visit The Brando return from it both enriched and purified.

Marlon’s dream became a reality here. Maybe he himself

would have preferred things a little less luxurious and

grand, but his vision and his wishes have been respected

and that is the essence. It is a shame that he was not able

to view the final result, but I have the feeling that his soul

will forever be present on Tetiaroa.

Toapere Amiot, the beautiful receptionist from Porsche Centre Tahiti